by Dr. Candice Staniek

Stress is a normal part of life, not only as a result of our schedules and responsibilities, but there is actually a physiologic necessity.  The positive aspects of stress include: accomplishment of goals, maintain productivity, and creative thinking from the burst of adrenaline.  The catch is when there are long periods of excess stress (i.e. being over worked, taking on too many responsibilities/commitments, and knowing when to say ‘No’.)

Burnout does not have a universal definition because it is subjective. However, others may notice a lack of motivation to continue moving forward in fulfillment of responsibilities.

There are three steps to overcome burnout:

  1. Recognize what burnout looks like for you. This is going to be different for each person as there are different tolerance levels for stress.
  2. Set boundaries. Know what is doable on an hourly, daily, weekly basis. Take one step at a time and know when to say ‘No’.
  3. Create a sacred space for yourself. This may include going swimming, taking a hot bath, or sitting in a quiet space for meditation. Whatever the environment, it’s important that is a space solely for you to recharge.

The silver-lining of burnout, is for us to take a step back to re-evaluate our lives and to take action in course correction to achieve more balance.