In the outside world, water makes up about 70% of our planet. In the inside world, water makes up about 70% of your body. Coincidence? Nope.

You were made with all the 5 elements that exist in the natural environment. The earth is your bones, space is that distance between your cells, wind is that which moves oxygen and carbon dioxide in and out of your lungs, fire is the juices that digest your food, and water is the fluids that circulate in your body.

You ARE nature. Not separate.

You can prevent a whole host of issues SIMPLY by honouring this practice. Next to air, it is the second most important nutrition your body needs.

Here are 7 hard and fast rules for hydration to help you feel and look like you are waltzing with mama nature:

  1. Drink half your body weight in ounces of water. A 140lb person would drink 70 ounces.
  2. Flush your body with fresh water first thing in the am. Brownie points if you use warm water and lemon for detoxing.
  3. Sip, do not pound, water throughout the day. Exception: crazy thirst or you’ve just released some toxins in another process. Yup, emotional release or physical manipulations such as massage therapy count.
  4. You’re body can only absorb 16 ounces per hour. Do not exceed.
  5. If you don’t love the taste of water, try adding a squeeze of lime or add berries. You could also try an all natural mood/hydration/energy powder. Ask me for details.
  6. Try coconut water to shake things up and get precious electrolytes.
  7. DO NOT drink ice water with your meals. It douses your digestive fire. Room temperature is best.

There you have it! 7 things to help you get the clear stuff into your bod. Now get out there and get healthy, will ya!