By Dr. Candice Staniek   

This is an overall concept that is taught by naturopathic doctors to their patients. We teach this to our patients because it is ESSENTIAL and VITAL to your overall wellbeing and RESILIANCE when things get tough. These 5 components create the BASE of our body – the building blocks.

Q: Why is this important you might be thinking?

There are lots of reasons:

1) FOOD: We are what we eat. The better we eat the better nutrients our body has to keep us healthy. The better information we provide to our bodies for accurate gene expressions, which lessens the potential for disease and pathogens.

The goal is to eat a variety of fruits and vegetables that cover the full rainbow of colour.

2) WATER: We are made up of over 75% water. Water better allows our body to detox (chemicals, heavy metals, waste). It allows fluids like blood and lymph to move better. We have more energy and can think more clearly. We are better able to maintain structural integrity and lessen the potential of joint deterioration.

3) SLEEP: This is the time during the day our bodies regenerate and detoxify. Did you know the brain shrinks at night to release toxins and other waste particles via the lymphatic system? The liver also has a chance to catch up on toxins that build up during the day (via food, air, medications, etc).

4) EXERCISE: When we move its allows the waste in the lymphatic system to be excreted eventually through urination. This includes debris such as pathogens. Movement allows us to feel more energized as more oxygen is circulated.

5) NATURE: Getting outside is very therapeutic. It helps set the circadian rhythm (sleep cycle). We connect with the ground, which also supports our natural rhythm.

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Dr. Candice Staniek is a naturopathic doctor, speaker, author and spiritual guide.  Health and wellness have always been a part of her life whether it was visits to the farm, whole foods meals, playing sports and dancing in high school and university.

She is leading the “health conscious” movement in proactive care through the integration of science and energy medicine when she works with patients. It’s truly a wholistic approach through the integration of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual components. The foundation of her approach is based upon her belief in the “Healing Power of Nature” as known as the VIS (pronounced the veece), which is the acknowledgement in the body’s innate ability heal when given the right tools and modalities. She believes your health shouldn’t stand in the way of your overall wellness or your passion or your life.

Some of her joys in life include: visiting a sacred space in Canada, nature, meditation, quality time with family, friends and her 2 cats.