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Elaine Doucette
Hi, I'm a woman, known as Elaine Doucette with 15+ years of clinical herbalist and nutritional consulting experience. I offer consulting services for whole body health and healing. I can utilize Iridology as an assessment tool to see inside the body organ systems. I specialize in nourishing the detoxification systems (Liver-Gallbladder, Kidney, Skin, Lung, Gut/Bowel - as well as what I consider a detox system: Lymphatic) using herbal medicine, traditional food preparation and general lifestyle recommendations. I also offer fermentation, herbal medicine making and traditional foods education presentations and workshops locally in Edmonton Alberta, and area. Watch my videos on YouTube, get to know me a bit: I am also booking herbal and nutritional consultations, by phone or video conferencing. Check out my packages available: Thank you for considering my services.

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