Conscious Pregnancy and Parenting Program

Karen Klassen
One of my major passions is to teach to groups of motivated individuals who are intent on improving their wellness on all levels and that of their families. I see individuals but do love the group vibe. I teach in areas such as gut health, fermentation, medicinal mushrooms, mineral deficiencies, seasonal easting, pregnancy nutrition and more. I also have an online program called Your Conscious Pregnancy and Parenting Guide filled with information from world-renowned experts on all that it takes to conceive and raise healthy, well-adjusted, robust, happy children. Find the program here: and enter LFC20 for 20% your purchase. Our children are at risk and being targeted more strongly than ever, we must take back our parenting and protect them! I do see clients individually, but they must be willing to make changes to lives if they are going to work with me. I work with motivated clients only! I also have a podcast that touches on many areas that each in their own way affect our health and wellbeing on some level. Find it here: You can find me instagram here: and facebook here:

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