Feel Better Faster with Feldenkrais!

Susinn Shaler
Flow, Ease, Grace, Comfort, Power……Would you like to feel those in yourself! I am committed to helping you move through life with ease and comfort and power! Areas of Expertise that I bring to our sessions: Licensed Belief Re-patterning® Practitioner, Positive Self-Talk Coach, Feldenkrais® Practitioner and Anat Baniel Method Practitioner for Adults and Special Needs Children I am absolutely passionate about helping people who are moving into senior hood remain active and continue doing the things they love to do. I love to play Pickleball, hike and cycle. I cannot imagine a world where I couldn’t do those things! And age simply is not a reason to stop doing active things! For the first half of my life, I felt things ‘happened to me’ and were out of my control. I didn’t know that I could change my experience in my body until I was introduced to the Feldenkrais Method. It was then that I learned that transformation is an inside job…..pain, limitation, stiffness are patterns that can be transformed into healthy habits using mindfulness and functional movement lessons. And in 2019 I met my next teacher, Suze Casey, who taught me how to transform my thinking to be supportive and uplifting using Belief Re-patterning! I now bring my skills as a Belief Re-patterning coach to my movement lessons. Contact me for a chat to talk about your dreams and to have any of your questions answered!

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