From Chaos to Calm

Dr. Candice Staniek
Everywhere we look around there is chaos whether it’s in our bodies or the environment around us. Often times, I hear stories of people sharing symptoms of their body, mind and spirit. These symptoms are a sign the body is out of balance. Some of the symptoms include: anxiety, depression, constipation, pain, and hormone imbalances. Naturopathic medicine has 3 key characteristics in terms of how it differs from conventional medicine: 1) Thorough assessment 2) Find the ROOT Cause 3) Customized care As an eclectic, naturopathic doctor I believe that everyone has the right to Happiness, Freedom and Wealth (in all areas of life). Methods of care include: nutrition, herbal medicine, homeopathic medicine and body-mind medicine. One of the most powerful and life changing programs that we’re offering is Positive Intelligence. We all have a judge within ourselves. This judge assumes 3 roles: 1) judging self 2) judging others or 3) judging situations. The judge also has accomplices. In short, these parts create chaos, disrupt relationships, and affect our lives in every area. There is NO escaping them. However, we can deflate them and grow the SAGE. As the Sage grows, you gain clarity, calmness, peace, and resilience. Programs are customized and comprehensive. Individual and group programs are available. To register and find out dates, call 403-588-3544. Further information is available at

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