Cassandra Gray
Acupuncture and Acutonics sessions available privately or through insurance coverage. Treatments benefit all conditions. Acupuncture has thousands of years of proven effectiveness which has a data base for protocols dealing with injuries, internal medical disorders (cancer, arthritis, hormonal imbalance, digestive disorders, organ function, lung issues, pain, chronic illness, skin disorders, depression and anxiety etc). Acupuncture is also an amazing preventative health care option and is one of the best ways to manage and relieve stress. It's also completely self regulating and natural with no side effects when practiced safely. How does it work? Hair thin needles placed in key points in the body activate the meridian system to initiate a natural healing response from you body helping to open up detox pathways, promote healthy cellular function, balance hormones and down regulate the fight or flight response allowing you to relax and heal as you are designed to do. Herbal medicine is also part of the Chinese medical toolkit and herbs can be suggested and provided for as well. Short Bio: Cassandra trained in Victoria and Calgary graduating from ACATCM in Calgary in July 2021. Started body work as a massage therapist and yoga teacher in 2008 and 2011 and has many years of experience with health and wellness in many areas including how to raise vibrational frequency, releasing old belief systems and connecting spiritual health to the physical and emotional consciousness to assist moving through trauma and personal health crisis in the present. She also has a deeper knowledge of anatomy and can help with injury rehabilitation, healthy lifestyle and general improvements in mood, body functions, difficulty sleeping and internal disorders. Please see fuller bio at - https://thesamadhitree.com/our-team/cassandra-gray/ Contact Cassandra Gray at 587-433-2616 for more information or booking an appointment.

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