Root- cause healing with Ayurveda!

Kendra Irvine
You come from Nature. When you are in balance, it's because your body constitution is harmonious WITH nature. When you are out of balance- say you have anxiety, inflammation, gut issues, dry skin, acne, cardiovascular disease, overwhelm, you can't sleep, you haven't pooped in a couple days, your hair is falling out, you are sweating uncontrollably.....anything!- your body is in a state of DIS-EASE. In other words, your natural elements are out of whack. Something you are eating or doing in your lifestyle is causing your discomfort. We need to look at the root cause of what's going on, to get to the bottom of this. And you can't do that by trying to mask it with temporary solutions that don't work or have side effects. That's why it's SUPER IMPORTANT TO KNOW THE TRUTH ABOUT YOUR BODY!!! Here's what we offer that helps you heal: Ayurvedic Body Type Assessments- Did you know your eyes, ears, lips, nose, hair, palm, tongue, skin, body size all have qualities that tell you about your constitutional makeup? How much fire, wind, space, earth, and water is in YOUR unique body and how do you reharmonize a body in dis-ease? Your current eating and lifestyle practice are likely causing many imbalances and you have no clue where it's coming from! Until now... Discover your natural constitution, your current imbalance, and get a starter plan to fix the imbalances. This assessment includes a 2-hour online body assessment, 1-hour results session, and your action plan based on your results emailed to you to get you started! Don't let another day go by NOT knowing the truth about your body! Group Coaching- Your Happy Body 9-Week Program Begins January 2023. Together with a group of like-minded people, we will empower you to begin to clarify your body type, nourish that body type through 5 sense therapies, and help you reharmonize by eating the right foods and practicing the right daily rituals for your body- are you a Vata, Pitta, or a Kapha? This course works even better if you've had the assessment. The Sacred Body Workshop- offered seasonally, this 1 day workshop is kinda like a crash course in nourishing your body well for the season. We have teamed up with a Shamanic Coach to bring you the very best of seasonal health. First workshop is October 8, 2022 with the next occurring in the first weeks of December, March, and June. You do not have to attend all, but it would be your greatest value to learn nourishment for your body type in the appropriate season. Join us for shamanic drumming, Ayurvedic eating guidelines, smudging, seasonal meditation, the 5 sense therapy of the season, group mentorship, declutter the mind, and clarifying the body types. The Happy Body Summit 3- coming March 14-16, 2023. A summit to reconnect to ourselves and the Earth. Join us as a participant or reach out if you are motivated and like-minded and you'd like to be a speaker! This summit is FREE to attend and you can upgrade to VIP to access all the speaker gifts and professional recordings to watch at your leisure. Earth Mama Retreat- coming summer 2023. An off grid Ayurvedic retreat for all the badass, tough as nails women out there that want to spend the weekend with me and a small group of others disconnecting from the matrix and reconnecting to self on the serene Blaeberry River surrounded by the majestic mountains of Golden BC. What's Your Body Type? Masterclasses- offered monthly. The first one is September 13th, 2023! These are one hour classes that are very basic level knowledge of Ayurveda and your unique body type. Leave the class inspired to take action with a few tips to help you rebalance your body. This class is FREE. To visit the site and register, click here:

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