By Dr. Candice Staniek

Stress is likely one of the most common conditions that affects all of us and to varying degrees. We have both endogenous and exogenous stress which includes: hormones metabolites, chemical, pesticides, body care products (parabens, gluten, phthalates), work stress, relationship stress, disrupted sleep, and electromagnetic frequencies (cell phone, modems, tablets, computers, TV).

Stress is a factor of life and to some extent we need it. However, in excess is depletes our adrenal glands leaving us feeling tired, unable to fall asleep at night, more prone to infections, and more likely to feel overwhelmed.

Our purpose of life is to Enjoy and Experience Joy! We’re less able to experience, peace, joy and serenity when our body is in “Fight or Flight”.

Known Stress Busters and their Benefits:

  • Getting enough sleep (at least 8 hours/night) – Better able to problem-solve and make good decisions
  • Eat a healthy, whole foods diet – Ensures optimal programming of DNA
  • Physical fitness; find an activity that you enjoy to relieve tension – Gets the body moving! Increases longevity!
  • Deep breathing – Improves heart rate variability – Increases communication in the body by removing blocks in the body’s electrical system
  • Self-care: We all deserve self-love – Get a massage, facial, pedicure, manicure, get out in nature, take a bath
  • Talk to someone you trust, a close friend, confidant, mentor, family member
  • Limit caffeine intake – By reducing caffeine, it decreases stress on the adrenals glands allowing the body to enter parasympathetic (rest & digest) states more easily
  • Take time for relaxation and fun – Frees the mind from worry
  • Find a passion – Gives a sense of purpose which is foundational to happiness and longevity